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Dust Collector Filter Elements

We provide various filter media to suit your specific applications including our standard spun bond 100% polyester, 80/20 paper which is 80% cellulose, 20% polyester, and superior efficiency 100% spun bond polyester.

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Item #I.D.O.D.Height Without
Pleat DepthPleat CountAreaFilter Media
DFC-2.75-6.125-20-O/C-FLG-SB2.75 in6.125 in20 in1.5 in5020.70 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-3-7-12-O/C.5-OE3.605 in7.93 in12 in1.875 in12037.11 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-3-8-10-O/C.5-OE3.605 in7.93 in10 in1.875 in12030.86 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-3-8-36-O/C.6-SB-OE3.605 in7.93 in36 in1.875 in6056.05 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-4-8-16-O/C.5-OE3.605 in7.93 in16 in1.875 in12049.61 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-4-8-16-O/C.53.605 in7.93 in16 in1.875 in12049.61 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-4-8-16-O/C.5-SB3.605 in7.93 in16 in1.875 in6024.80 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-5-8-13-O/C.375-SB5 in8 in13 in1.25 in398.72 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-5-8-17-O/C.375-SB5 in8 in17 in1.25 in3910.75 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-5-8-25-O/C.375-SB5 in8 in25 in1.25 in5925.48 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-4-8-22-O/C.5-OE3.605 in7.93 in22 in1.875 in12068.36 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-4-8-22-O/C.5-OE-FR3.605 in7.93 in22 in1.875 in12068.36 ft²Flame Retardant 80/20 Paper
DFC-4-8-22-O/C.5-SB-OE3.605 in7.93 in22 in1.875 in6034.18 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-4-9-10-O/C.54.75 in9 in10 in1.875 in10025.72 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-4-9-11.25-O/C.5-SB-OE4.75 in9 in11.25 in1.875 in10028.97 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-4-9-13-O/C-SB4.75 in9 in13 in1.875 in10033.53 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-4-9-18-O/C-SB4.75 in9 in18 in1.875 in10046.55 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-5-9-8.5-O/C.5-OE5.268 in9.492 in8 1/2 in1.875 in10021.81 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-5-9-10-O/C.55.268 in9.492 in10 in1.875 in10025.72 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-5-9-10-O/C.5-SB5.268 in9.492 in10 in1.875 in8020.57 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-5-9-19.4-O/C.5-OE5.268 in9.492 in19.375 in1.875 in10050.13 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-6-10-8-O/C.5-OE-W6.503 in10.843 in8.25 in1.875 in22046.55 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-6-10-26-O/C-SB6.503 in10.843 in26 in1.875 in12080.86 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
DFC-6-10-36-O/C6 in10.5 in36 in1.875 in220205.53 ft²Standard 80/20 Paper
DFC-6-10.5-36-O/C-SB6 in10.5 in36 in1.875 in130121.45 ft²Standard Spun Bond Polyester
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